Dyebat's message of 10 December 2010

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Dyebat's message of 10 December 2010

Post by Tonnie_rocca on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:13 am

This was just posted by Dyebat at SBFI Inc.:

Message from Dyebat, (and Lchris, and Citroenlady) to all members

On May 16, 2010, you placed your trust in Lchris and me to coordinate efforts to secure this site at auction. If successful in our bid, we were to create a non-profit corporation to 'own' the site on behalf of members. An initial Board would be appointed to manage the site.

Staff (members that volunteer) approached me to place a joint bid. I agreed, but with a few conditions.

Given our history with the previous owner, I insisted on financial transparency.

On Wednesday, December 8, at 12:42am I sent the following PM to Cicichi, Pickled Tink, Truus Buist (cc'd to GritsT for info purposes as she is part of the financial team)

Financial passwords

This is probably just an oversight, but I have not yet received the new passwords for 2 of the financial sites: AdSense and Paypal. The one for Adsense is the same as that for our gmail account: susanboylefansnp@gmail.com. I have finished with AdSense for this month, but still need Paypal to enter all the individual donations (about 120) that were made in October and November. There is a balance of $704.21 in that account after the purchase of the mirror, so it must be determined what those who made the excess contributions done with it.

I would like these passwords before Thursday so I can finish the data entry, and GritsT can do the reconciliations.

Thanks, Mary Jo

No response after 48 hours.

I sent a second request via email at 10:10am today - to Cicichi, Pickled Tink, Truus Buist, Kalua (cc'd to GritsT for info purposes as she is part of the financial team)

Recently you changed the passwords to SBFII's Paypal and Adsense accounts, but did not send the new passwords to me, thereby preventing me from carrying out my responsibilities for financial accountability to the members. I requested them by PM on this forum on Wednesday, December 8, as soon as I found I was locked out. You did not respond.

This is the second request. Please send them immediately upon receipt of this email.

Mary Jo Burke (dyebat)

Cicichi replied that she also did not have the passwords. She is the Treasurer of SBFII.

I am resigning from both my financial responsibilities and from this forum because all 3 members of the Financial Team have been locked out of financial accounts for the last 3 days without our prior knowledge or consent.

This action is in clear violation of the original agreement with the staff before the auction. In return for giving the staff the majority of seats on the Board, I was to have responsibility for financial accountability and transparency.

Since I have been prevented by administrators and moderators from carrying out my promise to you members, I am dissociating myself completely from the forum, as future legal action would create a conflict of interest.

I have posted last month’s financial reports which are only partially complete and correct because staff prevented me from entering all the individual Paypal donations. There is a balance of $704.21 in that account after the purchase of the mirror, so it must be determined what those who made the excess contributions want done with it. The accounts could not be reconciled for the same reason; GritsT was locked out.

More information will be available on other sites.

Lchris was stripped of access and her position on Tuesday, December 7th, without cause or consultation. Not by her request. Despite what you are being led to believe. The 'upgrade is completed' story is also a deflection of the truth.

Citroenlady was fired from her appointed position of Ombudsman/Chairperson of the Member Appeals Process on July . Not by her request, FYI.

The new Forum Rules and Sanctions Policy posted today include sections that prevent us from clearing our names, and those of others wrongly accused.

Many of you have also noticed the increased and disturbing level of censorship and control of information on the forum. As we can no longer fulfill our promise of transparency and provide you with "the truth, as best as we can determine it" as members, we (Lchris, Citroenlady, Dyebat) must resign. Effective immediately.

As non-members, we have more options ethically and legally available to us. We remain committed to fulfilling our promise to all of you, and to resolving the issues in the most positive way for all members.

note : Rest assured. If this post is deleted or edited or altered in any way, we will send a mass email to update all members. You placed your trust in us and we have an obligation to keep you all informed.

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Reply by WAMcKinley:

Another sad day for the forum. Somewhere there is the potential for an open, forthright, fair-minded, democratic fan site that exists for the good of all, not just a few. I hope we can either find it or build it.

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Re: Dyebat's message of 10 December 2010

Post by luz on Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:27 am

It is my understanding that dyebat, Citro and Ichris had left susan-boyle.com
I know it is difficult to stay cold turkey from forums, and we said in the past this wasn't a susan forum only susanfans congregated for all sort of thing when need it. Well I guess if it is a need they can come and chat here with the other people who have left that building or organise among fiends their next move or forum or whatever they want cow dancingcow dancingcow dogdance dogdance

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