a blast from the past

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a blast from the past

Post by Penny Thomas on Wed May 07, 2014 7:37 am

(Personal references in the post removed
9th of June 2014)

This may be an old topic but while reading posts at a certain forum dedicated not to the humor of SusanBoyle but evidently to ridiculing fans at SBFI,  I discovered the famous blogs, including the incisive Suboleaks and soon got sucked in to this most entertaining  soap opera. It has almost everything:  goodies, baddies, spies, stalkers, hackers, death threats, threats of assassination, threats of police involvement and legal action (hahaha), the supercilious elite and the envious others, the ones who cry poor and the ones who are poor, stories of fanatical religious fundamentalists, the self-confessed intelligentsia at Susahumor versus the ‘ew’ intellectual underclass, ridicule of the highest order, all relayed by the most bitchy, trollish, morally questionable child-adults, trudging their well-worn paths of resentment, that I have ever come across. And furthermore, it’s interactive in that you can say any disparaging thing you like about the enemy and it becomes part of the folklore. Fascinating stuff!


Back to Suboleaks: whoever wrote it has my admiration for their eminently discerning, no bullshit reporting. It doesn’t matter what this person’s name is. Who cares. The words speak for themselves.

Ref: google "blogger: suboleaks2" then click on link.  2nd post entitle Hypocrisy.

Signed Penny Thomas (aka SBadmirer)
NOT Dazey, Paulie, Feisty Filly, Bibi, Jsm, Jmc, Circlette or Cowbell . Have I missed any?

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Penny Thomas

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Post by penny thomas on Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:55 am

I had no intention of writing any more but some information just came to light which will even things up a bit and turn the spotlight onto SBFI. As I told the people at the funny forum, I come into contact with the despised Dazey once in a while. Dazey works with autistic and intellectually disabled adults and she joined SBFI, mainly for the sake of one of her charges who I'll call Miss X. At first Miss X used Dazey's account but was eventually  allowed to have her own, which was supposed to be used only under supervision. Recently while Dazey was taking several weeks off work, Miss X, and some friends possibly, logged in to SBFI and played around with the password and email settings of both accounts. When Dazey came back she couldn't log in to either account. Miss X doesn't know what she did, or isn't telling, so Dazey emailed admin to have the passwords reset and to confirm the correct email addresses. She assured them that Miss X will be strictly supervised from now on so she doesn't get up to any more mischief. So far after 2 emails there has been no answer. We know that Dazey, being a bit prickly, is not flavor of the month at SBFI, but Miss X has apparently been excommunicated as well. Right from the start Admin were aware of Miss X's disability and her obsession with Susan Boyle so why did they choose to bar her as well? This from a forum that supposedly supports people with disabilities! Shame!

penny thomas

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